Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post five - Illustration 5

(A) If you Had to spend the rest of your life illustrating one book what would it be?

1.No question! It would be Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451
(B) Why?

2. I read that book in high school, and it was so cool! I mean the imagery in my mind was great. I love it. Funny thing is I never really sat down and tried illustrated it just for fun for some reason. I think its that every time I tried its was never good enough for me to say, "yeah! Its done!" I would love to try, and try again. I feel it would keep me occupied forever; just trying to reach the vision in my head.
(C) If you could apprentice with any two artist's in the history of the world, who would they be?

3. Why don't you ask harder questions Joel! lol I dont know who I would choose. I will probably put something down and feel stupid I was not thinking of someone else.

(D) Why?
  • Because they make my eyes bleed out of my head they are so good! I mean just look at there work! If they could be smashed together into one man. The thing they would become is a god. The conceptual ideas of McQuarrie and the look of Sargent! amazing!

(E) If you were banned from the art world, but could have any career you wanted that wasn't in art, what would it be?

1. A Monk.

(F) Why?

2. I would enjoy the solitude and I really feel that I would not be fulfilled in life without art. I would probably fill the void with meditation and long walks.

3. If we are not counting music as art (it is) I would try to be a musician, but hate the lifestyle and become a monk.

(F) You have one month and one thousand dollars. (All of which must be spent on art expenses)

1. I would buy a bad ass Cintiq pad with the 1000 and get to work on a new graphic Novel.
  • Project details - It would be a graphic novelette about a latch key kid that is told that all his dreams will come true if he finds lucky penny's. (Not a children book!) I promise. I wrote the story many years ago and I feel an image based version of it would fit it well. I would want to give it a very natural look and would probably use a lot of water color textures as overlay and hard light to get the look I would want. I would try and keep it 100 or less pages. Its dimensions would be 6 1/2 by 8 and in full color. upon completion the work would be presented in book form soft cover with gloss paper for the back and cover. a rougher new print for the inside pages.
  • Time allotted - To get this done in my current life style I would probably have to quit my job and never leave my house. Its not really feasible with job, full time student, internship, sleeping eating not dieing.
  • on the other hand if I was out of school with a full time job I could probably work on the weekend and get this done in a month if i really put my mind to it. but right now work follows me home to work and back to work again.
2. Six Months and ten thousand dollars?
  • Project Details - I like it that the usage stipulation has bee removed. Now that I have ten thousand and I can live on it I would spend that six months honing my 3D Modeling and animation skills. I would animate a set of shorts telling the story of a man infected with nano technology that talks to him, and guides few of his friends himself out of a self contained super city that has lost all power only to find that its his own fault the city is now in a state of chaos. ect. ect. I am not an animator so much of my time would be working on my skills. The short would probably be short lol. Little to no voice acting would be use. I would use some of the ten thousand to pay a friend of mine to write some cool techno sounding music for it. Upon completion I would submit it to some animation competitions and hope for the best!
  • Time Allotted - Once again in my current state it would be impossible so I would quit my job and play the bills with the ten-thousand and hope I had time to animate the short on the weekends.
  • On the other hand if I was out of school and had ten-thousand and 6 months I would definitely have time to get it done. It would be a great learning experience and I could maybe make a website for the short and gather a following and sell merchandise maybe try and push it as a game idea to some company.
3. One year and one hundred thousand dollars?
  • Project Details - With one hundred thousand dollars no strings attached I would probably quit my job and try to pull a game development company together. I would higher a few programmers and get some artists together and start in on some small applications for Android/ iPhone. I would then start in on a side scrolled hack and slash RPG title for mobile devices like iphone/Android/PSP/NDS. The company name would be newyearstudios and I would try my best! We would have brain storming meeting for the type of game and then we would make a final decision and go for it.
  • Time Allotted - With a year I feel like this is feasible. With only 2 semester before my BFA this would be a crap time to have a year to make a game. If I was able to have it right after graduation I would really be all for it. but the idea of getting the one hundred thousand now almost depresses me because i would have to quit school to put in the amount of work I would want to to get a company off the ground.

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