Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Part four Of Post 4 - Illustration 5 = Updated!

(A)Go To a bookstore with large magazine section lice Barnes & Noble or Boarders. Find at least ten magazines that you think you could work for. Consider both the content of the magazine and the type of illustration, if any, that they use. Record the names of the art director and any assistant art director's listed, and their contact information.
Here's my list of magazines I would like to illustrate for:

1. Imagine FX
  • Art Director - Paul Tysall, Paul.tysall@futurenet.com
2. Highlights
  • Art Director - Cynthia Fabersmith, 803 Church Street, Honesdale, PA 18431. Telephone inquiries should be made to (570) 251-4526.
3.Popular Science
  • Art Director - Matthew Cokeley, P.O. Box 420235 Palm Coast FL 32142-0235
  • Contriguting artists -
  • Kevin hand
  • Nick Kaloterakis
  • Grahm Murdoch
  • Bob Sauls
  • Paul Wooton
4. Real Simple (Family)
  • Art Director - Abbey Kuster-Prokell, No address or contact info found, LinkedIn
  • Assistant Art Director - Janie Dannecker, Michele Walthers, Jen Corace
5. Strategy & Business
  • Art Director - John Klotnia, Klotnia@optodesighn.com
  • Assistant Art Director - Jessie Clear, clear@optodesign.com
6. Wired
  • Art Directors - Alice Cho, missalicecho@gmail.com
  • Art Director - Tim Leong, tim@timleong.com
  • Art Director/Special Projects - Margaret Swart
7. Scientific American
  • Art Director/Online - Ryan Reid
  • Art Director/Information Graphics - Jen Christansen
  • Contact - 75 Varick St. 9th Floor NY,NY 10013-1917
8. Monocle
  • Creative Director -Richerd Spencer Powell, rsp@monocle.com
9. National Geographic/little Kids
  • Art Director - Eva Absher
  • Assistant Art Directors -
  • nicole Lazerus
  • Julida obuz Dengel
  • Contanct All - Natonal Geographic society 1145 17th Street NW Washington, DC 20036-4688
10. Complex
  • Art Director - Jason Sfetko,Brooklyn, NY 718 406 3048, jasonsfetko@gmail.com

(B) If you were starting your own magazine and your livelihood depended on it selling well what would it be?

1. Well it would probably be a magazine about video games and the art behind them like Imagine FX. I would never get worn out listening and looking at the art of all the amazing people in that magazine. In addition I know that magazine sells well and the video game market is booming. I would add a section with some short story's or something.

(C) What sorts of writers and artists would you hire?

2. I would hire some writers from Gizmodo and Kotaku if I could. I also love Edge Magazine as far as game reviews go. Artists I would pick up the latest and greatest in concept art and for the short story section I would want one normal writer and then let readers submit the other story. 2 short story's per issue.

(D) What Subject matter would it deal with? How Would you want it to look?

3. I kinda went over what my subject matter would be above but for the look... Well I would want it to look very stream line with a lay out that looks normal for magazens I think that Comlpex Magazen is cool because its split between design and music. I would maybe want to split my magazine between concept art and science fiction short story's or something. I would want it all to be image rich maybe the concept artist could illustrate the short story one of the readers wrote. That would be really cool!

(E) List Ten Non Magazine Clients that you would like to work with. Why are these dream clients?

SquareEnix: Email - na.jobs@square-enix.com

2. ArenaNet: Job Application

Gearbox: Email: - gamejobs@gearboxsoftware.com

4. Eidos Montreal: - Job Application

5. Media Molecule: - Job Application

6. Lucas Films - Job Application

7. Sony Computer entertainment: - Job Application

8. Naughty Dog: - Job Application

9. Id: - Job Application

10. Bethesda Softworks: - Job Application

I really love all the studios above. Problem is I don't meet all the requirements for them. I want to work for some stall studios for a while to build up my chops. I don't know what small studios are out there and I don't know how much job security or money they offer. I just need to do more research into the small indie studio market. These are dream clients because they are something that I have played and love playing my self. Its just strange to think I could be the one making the games I love. Not to mention AAA titles offer job security and allow you to work with a large team. It all just sounds too much fun to be something I would get paid for.