Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post six - Illustration 5

Review your responses to the questions asked.
(A) What sort of Illustrator are you?

1.I feel I am a Concept artist! After looking over my answers and the artists I have chosen I see that what makes all the artist I love so desirable is there ability to make worlds.Thierry Doizon's Steambot site says it the best. Right on the front page "We Design Universes." And I think that's what makes the concept artists position something I want to do. I want to be a part of making a universe.

(B) What Sort of career do you want to have?

2. I want to feel free and yet still have security in my livelihood. I hope thats not too much to ask for. I want to do what I love and i feel there is a demand for it so I hope I have a successful career but I don't have to be in the spot light. I am not always about getting my name on the front page. I just want to make worlds and from what I have experienced you do have to push to get in the position I am talking about... I feel like I dont know how to answer the question. lol

(C) Does the Present body of work reflect your aspirations?

3. No Not quite.

(D) Could It do so more strongly?

4. Yes I feel I need to create a mood or a tone, more so. I need to develop my world right down to the roots and bugs that craw though them.

(E) List 10 images/themes/techniques/subjects/formats that your portfolio needs in order to become more in line with your aspirations.

5. Here Are some ideas to Fix this -
  • I feel I need more epic landscapes that incompus lots of imagry though out them
  • more building design, I need to resurch arcatecture a little more and feel out some designs that say me.
  • I want to develop some animals that can fill some of the landsapes and give info about them.
  • I want the work to just feel cohesive. my work is scaterbrained and will not stick together very well.
  • my charicter development could always be due for an update.
  • The medium I use and feel most comfortable with is digital. I feel all my work should look like paintings though. I really do have a love of paint.
  • various nicknaks are missing - I want to show I can not only see the big picture I want to show I care about boxes and cars and the jewlry that my people wear. I need more of that subject matter.
  • I really want my work to be presented in a neat way. I feel like the look of my portfolio is cold and I would like not only my work to speak but the contaner itself.
  • There is a great demand for 3D modeling in concept art. I need to take the time to work up my 3d modleing skills.
  • Last but not least. Animation. really want some animation in my porfolio. It would show advanced knowlage of 3d modleing.

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