Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Part Three Of Post 4 - Illustration 5

What Sort Of Work do those Clients look for?

Below I have given visual reference of who inspires my work and what company they work for. I have been asked what are the employers of the artist below looking for? I feel that all of them are looking for something no one has seen before. They're all searching for concept work that alows ones mind to see more than just what the image is showing. All the artists below have the unique ability to make your mind really want to see whats around the corner. Or "Whats that character gong to do next?"

As far as a visual style all the work I have selected leans toward realism. The figures are modled out. there seems to be a lot of space in the work. I am finding however that that may be one my own goal and I am drawn to that style. From working over the summer and into the school year at an internship. I am seeing that many visual styles are desired. I am working very flat for them right now. very clean cut and flat. I feel that AAA title game company and large production sudios may want a more detailed look because when the concept is made into a hi poly 3d model or a costume is developed based on a painting they want all the detail they can get. The company I am working for is indie and is working for a specific visual style that is attainable for a small studio. I did notice below that most of my favorite artists have some conection to Square Enix = my dream job.

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