Friday, January 6, 2012


I have been working on the programming of the game a lot for the past few days. I have managed to hammer out a 3rd person camera that will avoid clipping though walls and gives the game a really fun adventure feel. I am by no means a programmer. With little knowledge or previous experiences I have pushed my self to understand Unrealscript. By extending from existing unreal classes, I got the camera working, and have the ability to hop from my third person camera to a cinematic camera. With this ability in place I have started scripting out some cinematic scenes and have already animated a short potion of the start of the game. I have also found its  alot of fun to pull out the cinematic camera in real time and have the player interact with it. The section of the game I have started working on is the top of the platform the player is dropped off at. The player is viewed through a stationary 3rd person cinematic camera and has the ability to run from one side of the platform and have the camera pan around the platform to the opposite side when they move to that side of the platform. This is activated by some triggers. I have also animated the lift so when the player jumps on the platform it will drop to the surface of the planet and the cinematic camera will follow the player on the lift and pan around the tower making a really cool epic introduction to the characters new home. when the player gets to the bottom of the tower the Player camera takes over the cenematic camera and the game falls into the basic 3rd person view. I feel like I am going to have a lot of fun with directing more shots of the planet and activating events through out the story of the game. (Not yet posted) In addition to all this have gained the exceptional talent of my good friend Adam Bennett. He has signed on to develop the music and SFX for the game. He showed me some of what he is working on  and I think we are all in for a treat. Below is a concept peice. I am going to be placing some steps and platforms in the game and I was painting them in to see how they would look. Much more to come. Thanks for reading!   

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