Saturday, December 18, 2010

Machines and Monsters!

Hey! I was sitting in Pho Hoa Binh (Great Chines/Vietnamese restraint) and Justin Wheeler (Amazing Artist) was there and some how our conversation came around to the Super Hero Costume Coalition (Great blog/check it out!) and how we want to get it up and going again. I started thinking about how much I love the community thats been growing there and then how much I love to make up monsters and robots. So... I thought I would throw a blog together it hopes that people would like to sketch out some cool looking monsters. I hope people like the idea. please check it out. I made a cool banner and everything. I will be posting the first prompted today some time. It will be little blurbs like "Beak faces creature with horse like feet and old man body with four arms" Anyone that knows me should think that description is funny. Hope everyone checks it out. Thanks. Click here to go there!

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