Saturday, August 28, 2010

Post 1 - Illustration 5

Here is one post of many to come about my self!

1. What Media Do you Like To Use?

I tend to work in a digital format. Photoshop is so easy to use and with a Wacom tablet I can create art quick and cheep. It really allows my thoughts to flow freely. I don't feel restricted by the medium.
I Also really love just a white piece of paper and a #2 pencil.
Pens / Markers. I like these because once I make the mark its pretty well there. The permanence of that pushes me to draw with more emotion for some reason. like I am etching into stone.
Watered down acrylics are just plain fun! I don't use them that often but do enjoy them when I have time to play.
Brush/Ink is a really cool thing to use. I don't feel I have mastered it at all, and would like to try again. I have my Winsor & Newton Series 7 brush staring me down in the coffee cup I keep all my pens in. Its neglected...
Oil Clay and 3D Studio Max/3D modeling software are a real love of mine. I love sculpting in oil clay also, but I have a long way to go learning both the software and physical side of sculpture.

What Media Do you hate working in?

I don't know that I really hate any medium. If I was to say the one I think gives me the ugliest results I would say markers. Even nice Prismacolor ones have never floated my boat. I just feel Like the chemical looking colors are ugly. But I must say I still think they have there place and can help create an great atmosphere when used well

What media would you like to try, but haven’t?

I cant say I have never used oil paint but I can say I did not play with it or use it enough to even know what I could do with it. I washed over an acrylic painting I did in black and white to give color in painting 1. I feel like there is a lot of fun to be had. I feel that its a lot of work in just setting up and finding a place not to asphyxiate your self in. I am a lazy artist. I like mediums that are clean and have a quick set up.

List three non-Illustration Classes that have influenced you and / or your work positively?

I hate to say it but IPC was a very good class to have taken. I hated it and will never love it but do feel that it helped me and the way I think about my own work. The class really broke me down and only in the last 2 semesters do I feel I have come out of the slump it put me in. It was a slump of thought and thinking about all kinds of stuff. A good thing I guess? I think I looked a little to deep at my self and got stuck in there or something. I have come back out better than ever though.
Cultural Anthropology was Amazing! I loved it. The class just really helped me think outside of the American culture. Not that I haven't before but still it got me thinking.
Any Of Canfield’s classes. I don't always agree with him on everything, but I don't think its about agreeing with him. His Classes always make you question. I like that!

How Has The Work of your Peers Influenced you and/ or your work?

I feel so lucky to be in a group of artists as talented as they are! Its healthy competition. But it never feels like we are competing. It just feels like we are tying to get better, and we are all doing everything we can to help one another. When I came to MCA I didn't know what I was doing with my art. every peer in Illustration made suggestions and helped me develop so many new interests and skills I cant keep them all in order. Almost more than anything I owe my fellow illustration classmates for a good learning experience.

What sort of subject matter do you like to create work about?

I love Fantasy/Sci-fi. Stories about Aliens and magical powers. I also like situational humor. So I feel the it all works together to make some cool stuff.

7. What sort of Subject matter do you like to read about?

I tend to read ether, you guessed it, Sci-fi, or horror thriller type stuff. Steven King and all that...
Most of my reading is tech news though. The latest of science or gaming. or

8. What Kind of Music do you like? Why?

My God I like a lot of music! I’ll listen to about anything! I have a tendency to lean toward Billy Joel, Bayside, Styx, Stars, Death Cab, Azure Ray, Blink 182, Brand New, Cold Play, Elliot Smith, Eve Six, Third Eye Blind, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, GreenDay, The Guess Who, Incubus, The Stokes, No Doubt, Nirvana, Phantom Planet, The Beatles, Presidents of the United States of America, Weezer, The Shins, Tom Petty, ect.
Why you ask? I love Music. Some of it calms me down, some of it picks me up, some of it makes me cry. I mean its good stuff. I don’t really listen to country. If I am going to listen to country it must be old old stuff because new country it almost all crap. I mean there is always some exception but most of its crap.

9. What Non- Art related interest/hobbies/skills do you have?

Art has really consumed my life. If its not visual art its music. I love playing guitar and singing. Recording other people is a love in its self. I have abandoned it but before I came to MCA I wanted to be a recording technician. My love of sounds of all types runs deep.
I used to write a lot. I love writing a short story now and then when I have time.
I know this sounds silly but I love long walks. I try and wake up every morning and take a long walk. It helps me calm down. To add the the love of long walks I love running. I was a long distance runner in High school and I was pretty good. I had scouts looking at me and I almost went to Fayetteville for my running. But my art took up all my time and I abandoned that for music. I still love running even though I cant really do it anymore. turns out all the running I did in high school messed my knee up and now it feels like there is a small man in my leg with a hot knife stabbing me over and over when I run for 15 minutes or more. I was told by a Doc to find another form of exercise. The pounding is what causes the pain. So now I ride a bike. Its fun but its not like the rhythm I would get into when I ran. It was like a trans I could really think clearly. To bad I am broken now.

10.Whats something that you like that nobody else likes?

Nova! I just found out that no one likes Nova. JK. You like Nova too Joel. Hooray!!!
RF Online. RF Online was an MMO that no one liked and they shut the severs down. I think they are back up maybe, but I lost my character and I have other things to do. But it was a really cool it was a PVP MMO and you could play as a big robot that killed stuff!

11.If you had the run of the worlds Museums, what three works of original art would you like to own?
This question is silly! I cant pick just three. If i pick just three they would have to be my favorite works of are ever and I just don't have any.
Maybe some of Ralph Mcquarries Concept art from Star Wars?
Tetsuya Nomuras concept art from final fantasy
And The Monalisa so I could hold it, and then say I held it, and then sell it because its just okay, you know?


  1. Wow Alex You Did a great job on this! After your long day at work I'm amazed to see this done on time; A+

  2. Thanks Joel! hope you likes the links! My favorite links are Paper and Magical Powers! Check them out if you haven't!

  3. (The Narrator of Alex's life)
    Alex, in a state of delusion begins to make posts as other people on his own site. Sleep was not an option for him. At this point. only work. Alex continued to slip into his imaginary state.

  4. Alex you are the best!!!!!
    -& Ralph Mcquarrie

  5. Thanks you guys! Means a lot to me especially you Ralph! Buddy ol' pal!

  6. my husband is insane. i agree with your plan for the mona lisa.