Sunday, August 29, 2010

1/2 of Post 2 - Illustration 5

  1. Of the Artwork that you have done, what is your favorite piece? - This one ->
  2. Why do you like it? - I like this piece because I feel I was able to create a real atmosphere for the character and that one can easily read into this work for a story. Who is the robot guy? what kind of past and powers could be be hiding and where is he going. This work makes me ask those questions. I also made this work very quickly. 30-45 minutes. That's what I am going for. speed and great depth with a dynamic layout
  3. What piece do others like most and do you agree? - Most people like the Rhino smoking a cigar I did. I agree its also nice but I lean toward the one to the right here because I think its cooler or something. I feel like there is more depth visual in the one to the right. But, I understand that not everyone likes robots and dark alleyways. When it comes down to it I feel its about subject matter.
  4. What piece surprised you the most? - I don't know. I am not even sure I understand this question. Surprise me? Like that they liked it or that I made it or that I liked it. I mean all my work surprises me. A week after making most of it I think its total shit. I cant believe any one likes most of it. I feel I get better and better and my newest work is always my best and my old stuff looks so unpolished.

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