Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So, I have a really hard time stopping my self

The following is a long ramble :) Please don't read.

I have found that if I hate what I am working on I will just keep working on it until I am too tired to do anything else trying to make it something I like. That was the idea behind timing my little sketch sessions, to keep me from doing that. I have broken my time today by a lot. I mean... Gone over my allotted amount of time. :(
 If an image is a pile of crap... its going to be a pile of crap until you throw it out... Lesson learned. Hopefully. The following image is the crap I speak of. and maybe I am being too hard on my self.... well being to hard on my self is probably the the reason I kept messing with this. and scribbling back over it. over and over and over... enjoy.

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