Thursday, January 26, 2012

Should have stopped when I was ahead.

So, thought I would do some more versions of the monster. Still trying to hone in on all the stuff I like and weed out the bad. Well..... this must have been me painting all the bad stuff. I really hate these but thought i would post them because they don't suck that bad... just enough for me not to like them.


  1. well said. I think if their legs weren't on the same(ish) level it would make the composition more vibrant and you'd be more pleased. still, there guys are pretty cool.

  2. Yeah I mean as far as a composition it doesn't have much of one. lol I don't think that composition even came in as a thought in my mind when placing these guys on the page like that. They were painted separately and so ground plane also never came into play. they were just painted slapped on the grey BG and abandoned. lol poor poor monsters. Thanks for liking their general look and, once again posting. :) Always looking for honest critique, soooo hard to get.