Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pipe system Concept.

The Idea of this pipe system is that it lights the way for the character to go.  As the player moves farther and farther under ground the pipes will not be their, And said player will have to use glow sticks. The world of the game is set up as a no tech environment. I want to take away electronics. and see what kind of sci-fi world i can make. The reason there is no tech is due to the planet the play is on. The thick fog that makes a lot of the atmosphere of the game (no pun intended) is a highly explosive chemical that does not allow for the use of generators or electronics. everyone must rely on the luminescent light of a chemical compound shipped in from off world. The player ( a scientist) is their to study this chemical and find its origin. His mission funded by the Anchor corporation, and they very much want to find a way to synthesize the production of the gas. They have not been able to as of yet and its the players job to find the origin and if not the origin of the gas than a way to synthesize it in the lab.  Adventure ensues and things are not what they seem ect, ect. Once again the pipes are there to harvest the gas of the planet. the player follows them at the beginning of the game to get to way points before it gets all sandboxarific.

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