Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Have I been Doing you ask? And, Illustratior research!

What Have I been Doing you ask? Well, working.... A lot. Between my internship classes, hunting for freelance and entering in competitions and such. I am worn out. In a few second I will post some of an unfinished project that I started last week on Friday. Its coming along at a rapid pace. Because, its not just to see how good I can do it, but how fast can I make something that resembles something that took deep thought and a lot of time. Its a Concept art project! I have also been slaving away on my BFA project but I am not quite ready to let that cat out of the bag yet.

P.S Here is a link to my Illustrator research.

P.S.S I am Interviewing Thierry Doizon for my Project. I hope he finds the time to answer the questions I sent him. I know he's a busy guy but he told me he would answer the questions for me though. Sad thing is I feel like I have tons of questions and the ones I sent him are a little hit and miss on there worth. I always fear questions I ask in interviews make little to no sense.

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