Monday, August 30, 2010

Post 3 - Illustration 5

Describe your typical creative process, from getting an assignment to your finished piece.

Step one - mull it over, try and get an idea by writing or scribbling on a piece of paper until it looks like something or could be a good idea.

Step two - ether take the sketch and scan it in or skip this step and go right to digital sketches

Step three - make more digital sketches and work my pencil drawing into a real clean image or so so clean image. enough I can tell what every thing is in the work.

Step four - Do some color under the line art to get a nice color pallet together

Step Five - Depending on the look I am going for I ether use the pen/polygonal lasso tool and a crazy number of layers to get the vector look I have been using on many things as of late. Or if I want the work to look more like a painting I use the eyedropper and the brush tool in Photoshop until my eyes bleed.

Step Five - Show the final work to someone to get an idea of what needs fixing. I then go back and try and polish it up as much as possible.

The End = Print

Describe what you think your creative process should be like.

I feel my process is working for me. I don't think I would really change too much.

Research and describe a professional creator's creative process...

And SO! I Have!
I chose to research Erik Wolpaw. Erik is a writer for Valve software. He has worked on games like half-life 1/2, left for dead, team fortress ect.

Mr. Wolpaws creative process seems very scatter brained and just kinda like what i think Steven King does. "Oh Wow this car is awful, I wonder if its possessed lol, that would make a great story!" that was not a real quote but it could have been! Any way this is a real quote

"Erik Wolpaw: Yeah. I'm kind of an inveterate procrastinator, but sometimes that procrastination panic can inspire good stuff. There's a certain process of grinding through something, but then there's also those flashes of inspiration. I honestly don't know what the process is. Some connection just gets made in your brain, and you hope it keeps happening and doesn't stop. "

I like this idea of just living and if you are a deep thinker, things come to you. Once again one must grind through stuff some times, but not all the time. I would hope that if some one calls them self an artists creativity would some times just happen.

I really recommend hopping over and reading the full interview. Its not too long and really a fun read! Click Here to read it!

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