Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost There!

My Comic is in a state of almost completion.
I need to color it!
That's it! I'm too worn out to keep going. If i was asked to turn it in tomorrow. I'm comfortable in saying I would Probubly get a good grade on it. However. I really want it in color so. Early morning for me. lol
I feel better about life now that its basically done.
I just have to

Illustrated story -

1. Color my comic. / send off for print
2. Make a 15m presentation/power point about Doug Tenapel (amazing artist)
3. Write two papers on two of his graphic novels

Illustration -

1. Finish all 52 demon cards and box/print all cards
2. Put paper craft together.
3. put my paper craft together

Oral Com. -

1. Write two papers critiquing a persuasive and informative speach
2. make a speech on anything of my choosing.
3. Study for final

Cultural Anthropology -

1. Study for Final

Color Studies -

1. Rework crappy studies.


Yeah, I have like two - three weeks to do all this and have a bachelor party and go to work and then get Married. I also need to solidify my summer internship.

I can do it!!! he, he, yeah! I can do it.......

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  1. I'm right there with's going to be rough.