Thursday, November 19, 2009

The way I want it to look...

I really feel that I am starting to get the look I want, or at least something close to it. It could be forever for me to be satisfied. I think I am at least showing some improvement though. I have been Working on a Lot of stuff.

One really cool thing I did today was talk to Frank Stockton. (Check him out at I am making a presentation of his work in my Illustration 3 class. In our conversation. I asked him questions. One thing I asked him about was concept art, what do you think of it. He said it was not for him but some people he graduated with were born to do it. He gave me the name Khang Le. I looked this guy up and his stuff is really intimidating. I looked at it for a long time and took a shot at his style. I have been muddling around like I said with my look. I feel This Khang lee guy has kinda the look I am going for. I will not be able to help but put my own spin on it. that concepty look is really what I am going for. Check this guy out at Some really amazing stuff. All and all I feel I had a good day.

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